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Welcome to Apex Gymnastics!

Child is doing a handstand with her feet against a blue mat on the wall
Two girls smile in front of a "State Championship" banner
4 children smiling and posing for the camera on a trampoline

Recreational classes for kids of all ages, tots to teens!

Developmental, competitive and XCEL programs


"My daughter loves it! I love seeing the older girls there really putting in the work. It's great to have that presence so that the little ones know what they can strive for. I recommend anyone wanting to try out gymnastics for their little one to go here. The teachers are wonderful!"


"I want to say thank you to all of my daughter's coaches and the staff for always, always being so kind and patient with her. I understand how very hard it is to teach, and we appreciate all the skills and the variety of skills she has learned. She has been dramatically less clumsy and has so much more balance, strength, and coordination. We appreciate and respect the work that you all do."


“Apex coaches and office staff are wonderful, professional, attentive, passionate about what they do. This gym is a community of involved parents and coaches where your child will develop physically and socially in a safe and nurturing environment."
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